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There is a time in all our lives when it feels that nobody understands, somebody fails to listen, and we think we have to figure it out by ourselves and that doesn't work either. Finding yourself in that desperate place is an appropriate time to tell your story to a therapist who desires to listen and help you understand where you've been and come along side you to assist you in knowing where you want to go. Courageously step toward the therapy process and embrace the hope that reminds you that you don't have to stay stuck or remain in the dark. I love to not only listen to the stories my clients have to tell but also like to explore the emotions behind each part of them and directly consider what happened, look at all of the players involved, and think carefully about what occurs next and the impact that it will have on all of their relationships. Sometimes individuals and couples come to my office because they feel completely frustrated about where to go next and other times they call to find out how to improve the situation or their current relationship. Counseling takes time and courage and the most difficult part is the willingness to become honest, vulnerable, and transparent. Choosing to do so is a necessary part of writing the rest of your story. - D. Tony Rankin

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