My Training:
I have been in private practice as a therapist since 1991 and have practiced in Nashville for the entire time. Early in my career I worked in community mental health as well and did testing for Metro-Nashville Public Schools.

LSPE- I am a Licensed Senior Psychological Examiner in the state of TN.
(License #11126)

TPA- I am a member of the Tennessee Psychological Association.

AACC- I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.


My Education:
MA in Clinical Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University
BS in Psychology from Belmont University


My Experience:
During my 24 years of psychotherapy, I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults dealing with behavior problems, trauma, abuse, grief, depression, anxiety, conflict, divorce, criminal charges, boundaries, and relational issues.

I have lead thousands of seminars for therapists, teachers, parents, executives, employees, Department of Corrections, ministers, and students on topics including skills training, discipline, cognitive development, management, parenting, premarital counseling, sexual development and sexuality, and relationships. I have taught undergraduate courses in General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Child Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology. I have taught classes for graduate students in Integrating Counseling, Theology, and Spirituality.

My education emphasized techniques and theories in counseling, psychological, personality, and academic assessment and testing, diagnosing, developmental issues, and multi-generational relationships.




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